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Setting foundations to support student learning 

Focused on building capacity, we work with member schools’ leadership, special education, and general education staff, developing skills, knowledge and practices, building a foundation and capacity to support outstanding programs and services for the students and families served.  ISE protocols, practices and policies ensure success and maximized learning for exceptional learners, and strengthen programmatic structures for the school.  Direct services consistently and conveniently are performed at your school. Service oversight and facilitation focuses in three key areas of special education:

Coaching and guidance in key areas of operation

  • General special education processes and timelines
  • Special Education eligibility and placement
  • Case Conference Committee meetings
  • Student Discipline (special education)
  • Edu-Psychological evaluation
  • Critical issues workshops
  • Behavioral Mental Health
  • Direct and Related Services
  • IEP maintenance
  • Section 504

Compliance oversight and guidance in critical areas

  • Reporting and data collection
review and guidance
  • Federal and state special education funding
  • Annual special education budget planning review and grant application completion
  • IEP files and processes onsite audit and coaching
  • Communications and information sharing
  • Operational policies, procedures and forms

Operational Structures to support services

  • Coordination of service providers
  • Resources and professional development
  • Economies of scale in resource development
  • Technical support
  • Assistive Technology / Equipment