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Developing Schools of Excellence

Ensuring a successful launch and sustainable course for your vision and your school is at the forefront of each action plan we develop with you.  Working with school leaders, staff, founders, boards and authorizers to ensure schools have the tools and operational foundation to sustain vision across key areas

Charter Development

  • Charter development                   
  • Fiscal planning / development                   
  • Grant creation / submittal
  • Community awareness (telling the story)
  • Department of Education Compliance
  • Organizational structure

Instruction and Culture Services

  • Programmatic development             
  • Behavior strategies
  • Professional development
  • Leadership Coaching

Finance Services

  • Budget development
  • Fiscal planning
  • Audit and compliance preparation
  • Local, state and federal reporting
  • Grant management

Human Resources

  • Planning and management
  • Policy development
  • Talent management
  • Career assessment
  • Professional development / growth

Business Services

  • Facilities procurement
  • Land and site planning
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Vendor procurement