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Realizing your vision through excellence in design

Doing what we’ve always done and expecting different results is a roadmap to insanity.  ISE steps above expected standards through proven effective practice and creative strategies to manifest your vision to reality. Setting in action a plan for new school design, existing school turnaround or expansion, ISE is the right partner to guide the process

School Design

  • Challenging the traditional school structure through eco-friendly and creative use design

Financial Planning and Budget Development

  • Understanding funding parameters, federal entitlement grants, enrollment and growth projections, and managing organization structures and staff needs guide fiduciary budget planning

Curricular Innovation

  • From a research based, effective practices foundation, pushing the envelope on meeting student needs as global learners guides curricular models

Cultural Foundations and Design

  • Understanding the demographics of the community your school will serve is equally as important as understanding effective instructional practices.  Setting a foundation of experience, skills, compassion and competency sets the stage for building a learning environment that supports your community and ensures each child’s success

Technology Innovation

  • Developing a technology plan that supports your school’s design and curricular model is critical to maximizing student learning.  Ensuring a plan for implementation and guidance of students ability to self manage and thrive in a global media environment is critical to maximizing the school’s technology.