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ISE works with schools, founders and boards, setting the course for maximizing student potential 

Our mission is to work with educators to create foundations, develop capacity, and guide operational designs, building bridges to maximize all aspects of student potential.  Our vision is an education system that replicates life, develops strategies that foster inquiry and resolution, and support the needs and skills of schools, families and communities.  Supporting our mission and vision, we operate from a core set of goals —

  • We work with each school where they are, together setting the course forward for excellence
  • We achieve outstanding client school satisfaction
  • We develop high-achieving, replicable practices
  • We hold ourselves to high standards and are accountable to the schools we serve
  • We build a world class education non-profit organization

ISE raises the bar for excellence in education – design, instruction, culture, and leadership

Founded in 2007, the Institute for School Excellence (ISE) is a non-profit organization serving education through four key areas – operational design, school excellence, special education, and family support.  ISE’s continuum of services close the achievement gap and prepare high needs’ urban students to be self-managing, contributing members in a global society.

We combine the vision, creative energy and expertise from dual modalities – education and business.  The leadership of ISE brings over 30 years of educational, global business expertise and effective practices in impacting change through education options.  Organization leadership has led schools across the globe, in five countries – South Africa, Venezuela, India, Mexico and the United States, and joined the charter school movement with Indiana’s inception as the 37th charter state in 2002.

Guiding school and operational design, developing systems and structures, curricular models and leadership development are at the forefront of organizational expertise.  ISE leadership has worked intensively in the launch of several schools – from charter startup to crisis resolution to leadership and staff development.  Significant benchmarks include financial shifts from operational deficits to a $1.2M shift in positive net assets, academic achievement shifts measured by state-wide assessments with 18% mastery, school-wide, to growth rankings in the top 3%, state-wide, within a three-year period.  Shifts in school culture from daily referrals in excess of 130 per day, representing 40% of the school’s enrollment, to less than 5 per day, representing 1% of the school’s enrollment; accomplished over a five (5) month period.

ISE leadership has a solid track record of achieving gains in student learning, developing capacity in school staff, working with leadership to impact change and exceed standards, ensuring a course for school excellence.

Fiscal management can be a challenge for new schools.  ISE leadership has guided the budget development and grant procurement for several charter and NGO schools, and has a strong foundation in grant procurement and oversight.

Operating a school as an efficient business model built around a creative and thematic curriculum that maximizes student potential is the pinnacle of school excellence.  ISE brings the professional integrity, skills and experience needed to ensure success of each school’s vision — setting a course for excellence.